electronic/chill out/lounge music
artists/projects: Polynoiz, Klod Rights, Gushi & Raffunk, W.A.H., The Sonic Company

chill out/lounge/ambient/jazz/world
artists/projects: Luca Brunetti, Crimson Sunset, Noise from Heaven, East Side, Dag Gad, Gushi & Raffunk

Reissues of the label Creativa, released from 1996 to 2004. 
artists/projects: East Side, Dag Gad, Noise From Heaven, Accinny, G. De Michele, Emmaproject, Stain Of Us

ambient - chillout - acoustic
artists: DU, Polynoiz, Frame 99, Crimson Sunset, Luca Brunetti, W.A.H., Kuan, The Sonic Company, Gushi & Raffunk