The following releases are available on Compact Disc:

Luca Brunetti - DIRECTIONS  10 Eur
Luca Brunetti - POSSIBLE SOUNDTRACKS  10 Eur

Luca Brunetti - EMPTY PAGES  10 Eur
Luca Brunetti - JUST ONE  10 Eur
Luca Brunetti - MEDITERRANEO  10 Eur
DU - COMPACT (Micromuzik & Behind The Door on a single CD)  10 Eur
Polynoiz - AIRPLANES (the EP "Airplanes" plus 5 extra tracks)  10 Eur
Polynoiz - DARK (Dark part I & part II on a single CD)  10 Eur
Polynoiz - SYNTHETIC LANDSCAPE (two bonus tracks)  10 Eur
Crimson Sunset - UNDEFINED  10 Eur
The Sonic Company - ALTERNATIVE ROAD (Creativa 2003)  9 Eur
East Side - SIGNALS OF CHANGE (Creativa 1996)   9 Eur
Noise From Heaven - ETNOELEKTRO (Creativa 2004)  9 Eur
DAG GAD - CORSA  A SUD (Creativa 1996)  9 Eur
Stain Of Us - WHERE HAVE ALL ...GONE ? (Creativa 2001)  20 Eur (a few copies available)
Emmaproject - EMMAPROJECT (Creativa 1997)  6 Eur
Grazieno Accinni - TELL IT FAST (Creativa 2003)  9 Eur
Various Artists - SAMPLES (Creativa 1996)  9 Eur
Luiza Oprita - AM SA VIN ACASA (Creativa 2004)  9 Eur

You have three options to buy our CDs:
1. Send your request using the contact form specifying which cd you want, how many copies for each cd, the shipping address. We calculate shipping cost and reply to you with the details, at that point you may decide whether to proceed with the purchase. Expect slight quantity discounts. Payment Paypal only, shipping by Italian Mail within 1/2 days.
2. All titles are available on DISCOGS:
You may buy at the same price, we'll take care of shipping within 1/2 days by Italian Mail.
3. CDs of Luca Brunetti, Polynoiz, DU, Crimson Sunset, The Sonic Company, East Side, are available on BANDCAMP ( Same conditions as DISCOGS.

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